Monday Night Road Series

Suboski Wins MNRS SRF Championship

December 05, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

It's been a few races since the last race report so I'll try to summarize all 3 races in one: Okayama Short, Pocono East, and Daytona Road.

The three races saw two different pole sitters - Mathew Suboski at Okayama and Daytona, with Alex Hunte grabbing the early lead at Pocono. As for race wins, Aaron Stowe was first to the checkers at Okayama, Chris Murakami at Pocono, and Suboski ran away and hid at Daytona.

The racing was good and clean all around, we had 10 cars for each event, and there was a lot of fun to be had as we came to grips with racing this slow, but tricky, Spec Racer Ford. And at the end of it all, it was Mathew Suboski claiming the champion's crown with 259 points. Michael Jones was a close second at 247, Alex Hunte 3rd with 243, and Edgar Sanchinelli 4th with 240. Very close racing all!

What will the next season of the Monday Night Road Series bring us - stay tuned!

Suboski Wins Again at Charlotte

November 17, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Round 5 of the NW Club Monday Night Road Series took place on 11/12/18 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Thirteen drivers showed up and 11 stayed for qualifying and the race. Brian Bennett grabbed pole position with a 1:22.109, followed by Mathew Suboski, Michael Jones, and Edgar Sanchinelli.

The race was punctuated with a number of violent crashes, particularly in the very tricky Turn 1, leaving some of the quicker drivers several laps behind. At the finish, it was Suboski first across the line followed by Sanchinelli, Bennett, Stowe, and Hutchison.

With 3 races to go in Season 22, the standings show Mathew Suboski in 1st with 213 points, followed by Michael Jones with 208, and Alex Hunte with 195.

Next weeks race is at Okayama Short - hope to see y'all there!

Suboski Out Duels Murakami for Win at Summit Point

November 11, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Round 4 of the 8 round Season 22 of the Northwest Club League Monday Night Road Series took place on the twisty Summit Point Short circuit on 11-5-18. Twelve drivers showed up and the competition was close. Mathew Suboski grabbed pole position with a 1:04.446, just beating Chris Murakami's 1:04.563. Alex Hunte started 3rd, with Michael Jones in 4th and Wayne Hutchison in 5th.

The racing was fast and furious and there was no shortage of mistakes and off-tracks as every driver was pushing it to the limit. Murakami led 23 of the 28 laps but it was Suboski who led the most important lap to take the win! Murakami was 2nd by just 0.243s, followed by Jones, Aaron Stowe, and Alex Hunte.

Points standings at the half way point have Jones in the lead with 173 points from 3 wins, Suboski in 2nd with 170, Hunte 3rd at 158, and Hutchison and Steven Paulissen tied for 4th wtih 155.

The next race will be Monday night, November 12th, on the Charlotte Road course. Practice starts at 7:00pm Pacific, with Qualifing at 8:00 and the green flag at 8:10. Let's see if we can get a huge turnout for this one!

Jones Makes it Three in a Row in SRF Mondays

October 25, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Weeks 2 and 3 of the Monday Night Road Series Spec Racer Ford championship took place at Phoenix and Limerock respectively. We averaged 10 drivers for each of these races and had some pretty good battles throughout the field in each case. Michael Jones managed to win both races to go 3 for 3 on the season, while Andrew Williams and Matthew Suboski were 2nd/3rd at Phoenix and Suboski / Alex Hunte filled out the podium at Limerock.

The points standings after 3 rounds have Jones in the lead with 132 points, Suboski 2nd with 126, Hunte and Wayne Hutchison tied for 3rd with 119, and Steven Paulissen filling out the top 5 with 117.

The next race is Monday November 5th at Summit Point Short. The racing is great so why not give it a try?

Michael Jones Takes Win in SRF at Summit Point

October 07, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

The 22nd season of the NW Club Monday Night Road Series kicked off in style on the Jefferson circuit of Summit Point. This season we're racing the Spec Racer Ford and the underpowered, tail happy sports car took everyone a little time to adjust to. Spins were all too common in practice and qualifying but all 9 drivers still managed to somehow set a qualifying time! Alex Hunte grabbed the pole with a 55.717s lap, followed by Edgar Sanchinelli (56.260), Michael Jones (56.548), and Mathew Suboski (56.811).

The race started off cleanly enough and soon split into 2 or 3 packs of cars racing 2 and 3 wide around this tricky little track. Six of the nine drivers survived to the end, with almost everyone having some sort of spin or off-track at some point. Michael Jones outlasted the field to finish 1st, 16s ahead of Suboski who was 2s ahead of Hunte. Wayne Hutchison took 4th place, 1 lap down, with Steven Paulissen and Nick Kuhn finishing 5th and 6th respectively. Edgar Sanchinelli was having a great race until his internet connection failed with 7 laps to go, leaving him several positions behind where he should have been.

Next week's race is on the road course at Phoenix-2008. This track should make for some great wheel-to-wheel battles so why not come out and join us?

Rise Wins at Spa; Hutchison Takes Championship

May 19, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

The final round of the Monday Night Road Series Season 21 took place at Spa on Monday night. Fourteen drivers showed up for the race and Bryan Barns (Mercedes) took pole with the fast lap of 2:19.921, followed by Mathew Rise (Mercedes), Ray Partridge (Mercedes), Wayne Hutchison (Mercedes), and Alex Hunte (Ferrari).

The race got off to a clean standing start with everyone getting through Eau Rouge cleanly. There were some good fights early but eventually the field spread out and after 13 laps Mathew Rise took the checkered flag, 1.8s ahead of Bryan Barns. Coming in 3rd was Partridge with Hunte in 4th. Hutchison took 5th place, which was just enough to clinch the season championship.

As for the final championship standings, the winner is Wayne Hutchison (211 pts), 2nd Alex Hunte (203 pts), 3rd R Bostrom (192 pts), 4th Scott Kukas (176 pts), and 5th Gary LaViolette (147 pts).

Thanks to everyone for coming and out and racing with us in the NW Club this season and keep an eye out for an announcement on what's coming next season

Robles Holds On To Win at Silverstone

May 08, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Round 5 of season 21 of the Monday Night Road Series found 10 drivers trying their luck at the venerable Silverstone Historical circuit. Mathew Rise (Mercedes) went fastest in qualifying to grab pole position with a 1:39.667s time. Jeremy Robles (Audi) was only 0.009s behind to take 2nd on the grid while Bryan Barns (Mercedes) and Wayne Hutchison (Mercedes) started 3rd and 4th. R. Bostrom (BMW) and Bill Daily (BMW) filled row 3, with Alex Hunte (Ferrari) and Scott Kukas (Mercedes) in row 4. The fifth and final row was Aaron Stowe (Ford) and Gary April (Ferrari) with no Q times.

The race started quickly with a tire smoking standing start. Robles got away quickly to fight Rise for the lead throughout the first lap while Bryan Barns slipped backwards to 5th as Hutchison and Bostrom got better launches. It all unravelled for Rise in T1 of lap 3 as he ran a little wide on exit, caught some grass and spun back to the inside, hitting the inside wall nose first, ending his race. A lap or so later Barns worked his way past Hutchison and into 2nd place and began to chase down Robles who had opened up a 8s+ lead. Late in the race, Bill Daily had to pit from a mid-pack position to take on fuel, causing him to drop out of the running and into 9th place. With a couple of laps left, and with Barns pressuring hard, Robles made a small mistake and wound up giving up all of his lead. At the checkers, it was Robles with the win by 0.946s over Barns, with Hutchison in 3rd and Hunte in 4th. Bostrom brought his Mercedes home 5th and Gary April was the last car on the lead lap in 6th.

Points standing after 5 of 6 races (best 5 count) show Hutchison in the lead with 211 points on the strength of 5 top 5 finishes. R. Bostrom sits 2nd with 192, while Scott Kukas holds down 3rd at 176. Alex Hunte is 4th with 163 points and Gary LaViolette is 5th at 116.

Next week's season finale has us once again in the GT3 cars at Spa. Let's see how many drivers we can get out for that one!

Rise Dominates at Road America

May 03, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Round 4 of the Monday Night Road Series took place at Road America, the longest track on the circuit. Mathew Rise (Mercedes) took pole with an astounding 2:04:483 while Wayne Hutchison (Mercedes) grabbed second on the grid at 2:06.051. Alex Hunte (Ferrari) and Bill Daily (BMW) filled the 2nd row while Brian Bennett (Ford) and Kevin Alderman (Ferrari) started 5th and 6th.

The race started with tires smoking from a standing start and the race for 1st was on between Rise and Hunte. Hunte took the lead in T4 before running wide onto the grass and seeing the entire field pass by while he gathered it back up. From there Rise drove away at a rate of about 1s per lap while Hutchison settled into second place. Bennett challenged for 2nd early in the race but an off track in the final corner of L4 dropped him back in the pack. At the checkers, Mathew Rise took the win, Hutchison finished 2nd, 18s back, and Alex Hunte grabbed the final podium spot, 29s adrift. Bill Daily, R Bostrom (BMW) and Brian Bennett rounded out the finishers.

With just 2 rounds to go in Season 21 the driver's standings show Wayne Hutchison in 1st place with 169 points. R Bostrom sits 2nd at 153, while Scott Kukas holds onto 3rd with 140. Alex Hunte moved up 1 spot this week to 4th with 123.

Next week's race is at Silverstone's GP circuit. Let's see if we can get a full field of cars out for this race!

Garber Narrowly Wins at the Ring

April 27, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Round 3 of Season 21 of the Monday Night Road Series saw the GT3 cars at the Nurburgring GP circuit. Twelve cars started the race with Wayne Hutchison (Mercedes) on the pole at 1:56.207. Dan Garber (BMW) started second with a 1:56.333, while Alex Hunte (Ferrari) and Nick Kuhn (Mercedes) filled the second row. Gary LaViolette (Mercedes) and Aaron Stowe (Ford) made up row 3.

Everyone got away cleanly from the standing start there was immediately some great racing throughout the pack. Hutchison and Garber pulled away from 3rd place but the battle for 3rd through 7th or 8th was intense. On lap 6 there was a coming together of R Bostrom (BMW), Drew Lalonde (Ferrari) and Dee Palmer (Mercedes), ending Lalonde's race and further spread out the field. There were also some great scraps between Nick Kuhn and Alex Hunte, and Dee Palmer and Aaron Stowe. Hutchison led the first 11 laps before Garber finally forced his way by to take first place. Hutchison tried everything he could in the waning laps to retake the lead but fell just 0.1s short at the line. Final results have Garber with the win followed by Hutchison, then Kuhn, Hunte, LaViolette, and Palmer.

Points standings after 3 of 6 races show Hutchison in 1st place with 127 points, Gary LaViolette 2nd with 116, R Bostrom 3rd with 113 and Scott Kukas in 4th with 104.

Next week's race is at Road America, 4 miles of high speed action! Come on out and show us what you've got...

Bennett Leads Wire to Wire for Win at Mosport

April 20, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

The Monday Night Road Series visited an unseasonably balmy Canadian Motorsports Park this week for some GT3 sprint racing. Qualifying saw Brian Bennett (BMW) grab the pole with a narrow margin of less than one tenth of a second over Eric Boulton (Mercedes). Mathew Rise (Mercedes) and Wayne Hutchison (Mercedes) filled the second row, while Dan Garber (BMW) and Kevin Alderman (Ferrari) started in row 3. In all, 14 cars qualified for the race.

The race started with a short sprint to turn 1, where Boulton got a little loose and needed the whole width of the track between T1 and T2 to gather it up. This allowed Rise and Hutchison past but then Rise ran wide in T2 and mowed the grass all the way to the tire barrier. Once all the chaos settled down, Bennett began to scurry away from Hutchison who was being chased by Nick Kuhn (Mercedes) and Bryan Barns (Audi). Twenty-four laps later Bennett took the checkered flag by 27s over Hutchison, with Kuhn and further 9s back. Barns took 4th place with R Bostrom (BMW) and Dee Palmer (Mercedes) the last cars on the lead lap. Barns garnered the bonus point for most positions gained (7).

After 2 weeks of the 6 week series, Wayne Hutchison is leading the standing with 84 points. R. Bostrom moved into 2nd place tied with Gary LaViolette, at 77. Scott Kukas is 4th with 70 points and Ken Huber rounds out the top 5 at 45 points.

Next weeks race is at the Nurburgring Grand Prix course.

Huber Dominates at Suzuka in GT3

April 10, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

A small but competitive field of GT3 cars made the trip to Japan and the venerable Suzuka circuit for week 1 of Season 21 of the Monday Night Road Series. Ken Huber (Ferrari) set the pace in qualifying to take pole with Wayne Hutchison (McLaren) in 2nd, Alex Hunte (Ferrari) in 3rd, and R. Bostrom (BMW) in 4th.

The race started in a somewhat orderly fashion with Huber taking the lead followed by Hunte, Bill Daily, and Hutchison. And early spin for Daily wadded up the cars a bit letting Huber and Hunte get away. Hutchison proceeded to hunt down Hunte, closing the gap to 1.5s before catching too much curb on the exit of the chicane and spinning into the pit lane entrance. That allowed Bostrom to get right on the back of Hutchison in a battle for 3rd that was cut short too early when Bostrom had to pit for fuel. Gary LaViolette (Mercedes) then assumed 4th place and the final order was pretty much set at that point. After 30 minutes of racing the winner was Ken Huber, with Alex Hunte in 2nd, 8s back, Wayne Hutchison in 3rd, 30s further back, and Gary LaViolette in 4th. Honorable mention to Aaron Stowe and LaViolette for picking up the bonus point for the most positions gained in the race.

Next week's race is at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in beautiful Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. A short but tricky natural road course that should provide a nice challenge for all who come out to race. Won't you be one of them?

Bennett "Alienates" Competition at COTA - Kosenen Wins Championship

March 31, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

The final race of Season 20 of the Monday Night Road Series saw a small field of 7 GT3s brave the twisty turns of Circuit of the Americas. Brian Bennett (Audi) was clearly the class of the field as he took pole position by almost 4 seconds over Nick Kuhn (Mercedes). Wayne Hutchison (Mercedes) and Gary LaViolette (Mercedes) filled the 2nd row of the grid.

Predictably, the 30 minute race unfolded with Bennett driving away from the field to win by almost 25 seconds. Hutchison brought his Mercedes home 2nd with LaViolette 5s behind him in 3rd. Scott Faris (Ferrari) managed to grab 4th, up from 6th on the grid.

The final standings show Drew Kosenen taking the Season 20 GT3 champtionship with 156 points, 1 point ahead of Mathew Rise. Wayne Hutchison and Edgar Sanchinelli tied for 3rd with 125 points and Nick Kuhn rounds out the top 5 at 107.

Up next is Season 21, where we'll race the GT3 cars once again. First race is April 9th at Suzuka, and we'll also travel to Mosport, Nurburgring, Road America, Silverstone, and Spa this season. Races will also be held every week from April 9th thru May 14th with no "break" weeks. Hope to see y'all on the track!

Mathew Rise Wins at Nurburgring to Tighten Championship

March 25, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

A short field of just 4 drivers made the trek to Germany for the 5th race in the 6 race Monday Night Road Series. Mathew Rise finished 1st, 3s ahead of Drew Kosenen, with Edgar Sanchinelli a further 43s back. R Bostrom finished 4th on the night.

With just 1 race to go at COTA next week, the overall standings have Drew Kosenen in 1st with 156 points, Mathew Rise in 2nd with 155, and Edgar Sanchinelli in 3rd with 125.

Bennett Dominates Sebring but Mueller Gets the Win

March 10, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Round 4 of the Monday Night Road Series GT3 season 1 took place at Sebring Raceway. Brian Bennett (BMW) showed everyone how it was done in qualifying with a stunning 2:01.7. Second fastest was Mathew Rise (Mercedes) at 2:03.1. Chad Barker (Mercedes) surprised many taking third on the grid with a 2:03.2 and Drew Kosonen (Audi) was 4th.

The race started with Bennett taking an EOL and dropping to the back of the pack. There was a good fight between Rise, Kosonen, and Dick Mueller (Mercedes) for the first 2 laps until Mueller took the lead. Eventually Bennett made his way to the front, briefly taking the lead from Mueller, before driving through the pits to drop to the back again. On his second charge through the field Bennett spun in Sunset bend and ran out of time to make up the gap a second time. The race finished with Mueller in 1st, followed 8s back by Kosonen and Rise. Bennett got up to 4th, a couple seconds ahead of of Wayne Hutchison (Mercedes).

With 2 races to go, Drew Kosonen holds 1st place overall with 124 points, Mathew Rise is 2nd at 119, Wayne Hutchison sits 3rd at 95, and Edgar Sanchinelli has 94 points for 4th.

Next race is March 19th at Nurburgring BES/WEC course.

Rise Rises to the Occasion at Road Atlanta

March 03, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

The Monday Night Road Series was at Road Atlanta on 2/26 for 30 minutes of fast and furious GT3 racing. Fourteen drivers showed up to take the green flag, with all 6 makes represented. Qualifying saw Brian Bennett (Audi) take the pole with a 1:20.1s lap. Close behind was Mathew Rise (Mercedes) at 1:20.4 and Dick Mueller (Ferrari) at 1:20.7.

The race started out fairly orderly and the field started to string out until Bennett lost it in the esses and took out Mueller in the process. Both had to pit for repairs and were out of the running for the win. Rise and Drew Kosonen (Mercedes) drove away from the field with Rise finally winning by over 11s. Kosonen finished 2nd, with Wayne Hutchison (Mercedes) 3rd. A hard charging Brian Bennett had worked his way back up to 3rd place at the start of the final lap but ran out of fuel early in the lap and had to settle for coasting home 5th.

After 3 of 6 races, the points standing show Drew Kosonen in 1st with 92 points, Mathew Rise 2nd with 89, and Edgar Sanchinelli 3rd with 73.

Next week's race will be at Sebring and will be a great tune up for the 12 hours of Sebring on March 10th. Hope to see lots of drivers out for this one!

Dutton Dominates at Watkins Glen

February 14, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Week #2 of the Monday Night Road Series - GT3 Season saw 14 drivers take the green flag at Watkins Glen. Mercedes was still the most popular make but there was representation from BMW, Audi, and Ferrari also. All the changes that iRacing made to the balance of performance earlier Monday created a bit of a scramble in practice to sort out raceable setups but everyone got it figured out quickly enough.

Qualifying saw Robert Dutton (Mercedes) grab the pole with a 1:45.069 while Eric Boulton (Mercedes) took a share of the front row with a 1:45.575. The second row held Bryan Barns (BMW) and Mathew Rise (Mercedes). Top practice runner Jeremy Robles (Audi) elected to start at the back of the field.

On the start everyone survived turn 1 and the field started to string out. On lap 9, Alex Hunte (Ferrari) took a little too much grass in the esses and lost control, careening off the guard rail and sending Wayne Hutchison (Mercedes) flipping down the backstraight. Both had to tow for repairs and ended up laps down. Later on Eric Boulton, while running 2nd, realized he was short on fuel. While setting his pit strategy in-car he wound up getting into trouble and having to tow also. This allowed Bryan Barns into 2nd place which he held to the end. Final results after 17 laps were Dutton (Mercedes) in 1st, Barns (BMW) in 2nd, Rise (Mercedes) in 3rd and Drew Kosonen (Audi) in 4th.

Standings after 2 of 6 races show Kosonen in 1st with 60 points, Rise in 2nd with 54, Nick Kuhn in 3rd with 51, Edgar Sanchinelli in 4th with 49 and Eric Boulton in 5th with 47.

Next week is an off week for the Monday Night Road Series as many NW Club drivers will be preparing for the Majors Series Daytona 500. Our next race will be on 2/26 at Road Atlanta.

Season 20 Kicks of with Mueller Winning by Inches at Bathurst

February 10, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

The initial round of the Monday Night Road Series Season 20 kicked off at Bathurst Australia for 30 minutes of mountain racing in the GT3 cars. Ten drivers made the trek to Mt. Panorama to race and prepare for the iRacing 12 Hours of Bathurst. Qualifying was super fast with Mitchell Cornett taking pole with a 2:03.6, followed by Dick Mueller with a 2:04.1. Mathew Rise and Drew Kosonen made up row 2 with Wayne Hutchison and Edgar Sanchinelli on row 3. Once the green flag dropped the field raced single file, with the 2 leaders gradually pulling away and the rest of the field slowly spreading out. Tough luck award goes to Mathew Rise who was running well near the front of the field until his luck ran out and he fell from 3rd to 7th overall. On lap 4 Mueller was able to squeeze by Cornett for the lead which he never gave up, bring his Mercedes home in 1st place by a mere 0.245s! Even with the small field it was a great race and great preparation for the 12 Hour race this weekend. Next week's race will be at Watkins Glen, a favorite on iRacing. See you there.

Monday Night Road Series - Season 20

February 02, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Welcome to the 20th season of the Monday Night Road Series (MNRS). This series is exclusively for Northwest Club League members. This season we'll be racing GT3 cars with open setups in 6 races over 8 weeks. The schedule is designed so that 3 of these races act as "practice" or "test" races for other events:

Week 1 has us at Mt. Panorama on February 5th - and the iRacing 12 Hours of Bathurst is the following Saturday, 2/10

Week 4 has us at Sebring on March 5th - and the iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring is the following Saturday, 3/10

Week 6 has us at COTA on March 26th - and the Majors Series Sportscar Showdown is 2 weekends later on 4/8

All races will be 30 minutes long with practice opening at 7pm Pacific, qualifying at 8pm, and green flag at 8:10. All races can be found in the "League Sessions" area on iRacing.

Come out and enjoy some fun, fast, door-slammer road racing on some of the best road courses on iRacing!

Boulton Wins at Lime Rock, Cornett Takes Season 19 Championship

January 23, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

The final round of Season 19 of the Monday Night Road Series was held on Monday night, 1/22/18. Only 7 drivers showed up for practice but the competition for pole position was as hot as ever. In the end, Eric Boulton took the pole, pipping Bryan Barns by just a tenth. The start of the race saw Gary Laviolette depart the racing surface and completely total his car. He must have been airlifted to the local hospital as he never re-appeared on track. Just 4 laps later #3 qualifier Chad Barker got a little wide in the final turn, dropped a wheel into the dirt, and abruptly spun to the right head-on into the inside wall. He too had to be rushed to the local hospital for emergency care... While all this was going on, Boulton was slowly driving away up front, with Barns in hot pursuit. Edgar Sanchinelli and Wayne Hutchison were a bit off the pace of the leaders but managed to keep it together and finish 3rd/4th. At the checkers, it was Eric Boulton taking his first win of the season.

As for the overall standings, the Season 19 champion is Mitchell Cornett with 305 points. Second place goes to Dick Mueller with 262 points, and 3rd place to Bryan Barns with 248 points.

Keep an eye out for a new series of races starting the week of 2/5. Until then, sign up for the Majors Series and get practising for the Daytona 2.4!

Cornett Locks Up MNRS Championship at Okayama

January 20, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

A small field of 8 drivers flew to Japan for round #9 of the Monday Night Road Series at Okayama. Yet again the pole was taken by Mitchell Cornett, with Dick Mueller in 2nd and Bryan Barns starting 3rd. Cornett gradually drove away from the field while Mueller, Barns and Michael Jones had an epic battle for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Chad Barker, Drew Lalonde, and Scott Kukas all had enough problems that they weren't able to finish the race. Final results show Cornett winning by 15 seconds with Jones in 2nd and Barns filling out the podium.

His 6th win in 8 races allowed Cornett to further extend his lead over Dick Mueller in the standings. Bryan Barns holds onto 3rd overall.

Next week's race (1/22) will be 30 laps at Lime Rock Park. This will be the final round of this season's MNRS schedule. Hope y'all can make it!

Win #5 for Cornett at Summit Point

January 13, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Ten drivers took the green flag for the MNRS race at Summit Point Short. Once again, Mitchell Cornett took pole position, with Wayne Hutchison in 2nd and Nick Kuhn in 3rd. The race started with Cornett moving out to a comfortable lead while Hutchison and Dick Mueller fought for 2nd. About 10 laps in Hutchison spun in T1 and, while turning around, fell off the edge of the world and ended up back in pit lane with a 2 minute tow! There were some good battles throughout the pack between Bryan Barns, Nick Kuhn, Eric Boulton, and Michael Jones that saw a little contact here and there. Final result was win #5 from Mitchell Cornett, with Dick Mueller taking 2nd and Bryan Barns 3rd. Big mover was Michael Jones who started 10th and finished 5th.

His 5th win in 7 races allowed Cornett to further extend his lead over Dick Mueller in the standings. Bryan Barns holds onto 3rd overall.

Next week's race (1/15) will be 20 laps at Okayama Full Circuit. Lots of room for a big field of cars and should be a lot of fun!

Cornett Wins #4 to Extend Lead

January 13, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

New year's day saw a smallish field of 9 drivers take the green flag for the MNRS race at Daytona, on the "Moto" road course. Mitchell Cornett once again blitzed the field to take pole position, with Dick Mueller in 2nd and Bryan Barns in 3rd. The race quickly spread out as the drivers struggled with the tight and tricky Moto circuit, with only 7 drivers making it to the finish. Cornett took yet another win, with Mueller finishing 2nd, and Michael Jones getting the 3rd spot on the podium. Big mover of the race was Gary LaViolette, who moved up 3 spots from 9th to 6th at the finish.

His 4th win in 6 races allowed Cornett to extend his lead over Dick Mueller in the standings. Bryan Barns holds onto 3rd overall and Michael Jones made a move up to 4th.

Next week's race (1/8) will be 30 laps at Summit Point Short.

Cornett Takes Point Lead with Big Win at Laguna Seca

December 30, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

Twelve drivers took the green flag for Christmas Day's race at Laguna Seca in the Cadillac. Mitchell Cornett grabbed pole and drove away to win by over 20s. Bryan Barns finished second, with Mathew Suboski coming home third.

The win allowed Cornett to jump over Dick Mueller into 1st place in the standings. Bryan Barns also moved up one spot to 3rd overall.

Next week's race (1/1) will be 20 laps at Daytona 2007 on the "Moto" course. Bet you've never raced there before!

Cornett Masters Tricky Twisty Phoenix Roval

December 16, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

Monday night's race at the Phoenix Roval saw 10 drivers take the green flag on a tricky, slippery, but fun and challenging road course that almost no one had ever raced on before. Mitchell Cornett took the pole with Richard Mueller right beside him. The second row was filled by Wayne Hutchison and Carl Burk. The start was clean and everyone made it through the first few turns without major difficulty. Then Mueller lit up his rear tires and spun coming out of the slippery right hander in the infield. He didn't hit anything and was able to continue on at the back of the pack. From there the racing was mostly single file with gaps opening and closing as the laps ticked off. Cornett drove away for the win by 12s over Hutchison who had to fight off Bryan Barns over the last few laps to bring it home in second. Richard Mueller recovered to 5th place after his earlier spin to help preserve his points lead.

Half way through Season 19, Richard Mueller is in 1st place with 148 points, Mitchell Cornett holds 2nd with 140, and Zack Holland has a good grip on 3rd with 130. Bryan Barns and Wayne Hutchison are lurking a little further back having driven in only 4 of the 5 races.

Next week's race (12/18) will be 20 laps at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Happy corkscrewing!

Mueller Dominates Summit Point

December 07, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

Monday night's race at Summit Point saw 19 drivers take the green flag but one driver showed everyone else how to get it done. Richard Mueller sat on the pole, led every lap, and won for the second week in a row! Congrats to Richard. Mitchell Cornett made it very difficult for Richard, and finished 2nd, only 0.4s behind. Kane Lasky had a great race, moving up from 6th on the grid to take the final spot on the podium. While Richard and Mitchell were driving off into the distance, there was some great racing further back. The fight for 3rd through 7th between Barns, Hutchison, Jones, and Holland lasted almost all race long with there never being more than a small gap between any of them. Kyle Murphy made a run near the end to improve his 10th place finish, and almost caught Eric Boulton and Carl Burk to put the fight to them for 8th. Overall, a great race with lots of good clean driving and tons of fun for everyone.

After 4 races of 10, Richard Mueller sits in 1st place overall with 121 points, Zack Holland tied for 2nd with Michael Jones at 105 points and Mitchell Cornett moved up 1 position to sit 4th with 98 points.

Next week's race (12/11) will be 30 laps at the tricky / twisty Phoenix Roval course. Should make for some very close action!

Mueller Take Series Lead with Big Win at Charlotte

December 02, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

We had a great turnout for round 3 of the Monday Night Road Series, with 23 drivers taking the green flag for 25 laps of the Charlotte Roval. The race got off to a "bumpy" start with pole sitter Mitchell Cornett getting spun under braking for T1. Somehow, the field made it the turn without a big pileup and we were "off to the races". There were great battles throughout the field, several instances of drivers pushing it just a little too much and sliding off track, and numerous spins in the trickier sections of the infield, but only 2 leaders on the night. Shawn Breitzman took the early lead and held it for the first 11 laps before yielding the lead to Richard Mueller, who proceeded to drive away from the field to take the win by almost 15 seconds! Brian Bennett took 2nd place with Michael Jones filling out the podium.

The win also moved Mueller into 1st place in the points standings, at 82 points. Close behind in 2nd is Zack Holland with 80, and Michael Jones with 79. Big mover of the week is Nick Kuhn who moved up 13 places to 16th overall.

Next week's (12/4) race is 25 laps at Summit Point, a great little natural road course with some fast flowing sections and some slower, trickier bits. Hope to see everyone there!

Holland Takes Lead after Week 2

November 21, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

Two weeks into Season 19 of the Monday Night Road Series and we have a new points leader: Zack Holland. Zack has 59 points and is followed very closely by Bryan Barns and Carl Burk, both with 58 points. A great race for the season championship is already heating up!

Cornett Dominates at Okayama Short

November 21, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

Congratulations to Mitchell Cornett for leading the most laps and winning the Monday Night Road Series race at Okayama Short. Unlike last week where it was Cornett who lost connection just as the race was starting, this week it was pole sitter and early leader Mathew Suboski who had the unfortunate luck to experience a "black screen" while leading the race. Tough luck for Mathew but it doesn't take anything away from Mitchell's dominating win - over 10s ahead of the field!

Second place went to Carl Burk, with Zack Holland taking the last spot on the podium. There was a great race for 3rd through 6th will Holland, Barns, Boulton, and Jones finishing nose-to-tail after many hard fought laps.

Participation was down a little bit this week, with 20 drivers taking practice laps and 18 taking the green flag. Nothing like the 26 who started the race in week #1 but still a very good, competitive field.

Next week we'll be tackling the roval course at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Should be our first chance to get these Caddys wound out a bit. See y'all there!

Jimbo Runs Away and Hides at Lime Rock

November 18, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

The first race of Season 19 of the Monday Night Road Series (MNRS) was a smashing success! Almost 30 cars turned up for practice and 26 started the race at the tight and tricky Lime Rock Park track. Many found the Cadillac CTS-V a little bit of a handful, but all had fun I'm sure.

Congratulations to Jimbo Pfeiffer for leading all 35 laps, setting the fastest race lap, and winning the race by over 6 seconds! Richard Mueller was second, always trying to keep some pressure on Jimbo, and Robert Dutton came home 3rd. Mitchell Cornett actually qualified on pole but lost his connection just as the cars were gridding for the start :(

Next week we're at Okayama Short for 35 laps of tight and twisty racing. If you thought there was a lot of intense action at Lime Rock, you'll love it at Okayama!

Monday Night Road Series Return

November 11, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

That's right, we're bringing back the NW Club League Monday Night Road Series for Season 19! This season we'll be offering a 10 race schedule using all free content starting on 11/13.

Car: Cadillac CTS-V

Tracks: Lime Rock, Okayama, Charlotte, Summit Point, Phoenix 2008, Mazda Laguna Seca, and Daytona 2007

Times: Practice 7:00pm Pacific, Qualifying 7:50, Race 8:00

Race Length: All races will be approximately 30 minutes long

nSetups: Fixed "baseline" for the CTS-V

Weather: iRacing Default

All races will show up in the "League Session" tab in iRacing.

The complete schedule is attached. Participation will be on a first come, first served basis to begin with. If we have more people wanting to race than we can fit into 1 session, we'll look at running more than 1 race per week.

Results and Standings will be available at

Please join us for some enjoyable racing and networking. This car is a lot of fun to drive and the racing should be intense!