Special Events

Majors Daytona 2.4 Test Race

January 30, 2018 | Wayne Hutchison

Join us Wednesday 1/31 for a 45 minute test race for the Majors Daytona 2.4. Practice opens at 6pm, qualifying at 7pm, Green flag at 7:10. Find the race in League Session on iRacing

Holiday Break Special Events

December 18, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

Some more details on our Holiday Break Special Events.

On 12/26 we'll have 10 different Rallycross races, with the first race at 5pm Pacific and every 30 minutes after that. We'll rotate through Phoenix, Daytona Short, Iowa, Daytona Long, and Lucas Oil, with 2 races at each track. Grid sizes are limited to somewhere between 10 and 16 cars depending on the track. First come, first served! If there is a high demand, with people in the NW Club Discord channel wanting to race, we'll put up extra races.

On 12/27, we'll run a test race for the 1st Majors Series race of the season. This will be 1h12m at Daytona Road course in the Nisaan GTP and Audi GTO. There's room on the grid for 60 cars so don't be shy! Practice starts at 5pm with the race at 7pm

On 12/28 we'll have the Indianapolis 250, 100 laps at Indy in the DW12 using the iRacing fixed setup. Practice starts at 5pm with the race at 7pm

All races are open to members of the NW Club League and the Majors Series.

Holiday Break Special Events

December 16, 2017 | Wayne Hutchison

Please join us over the holiday break for 3 special events.